Inter World's focus has always been providing superior quality products to its customers. Inter World was founded in 1971 as a steel rolling mill company producing strip-plates. Our first steel plant was situated in North Jakarta, occupied 4.6 hectares of land. In 1975 Inter World Steel built a second rolling mill line to produce Indonesia's first equal angle bars. In 1982, Inter World again pioneered the Indonesia steel industry when in commenced production of channel bars.

In 1992 Inter World expanded its production facilities when it built a new plant in Tangerang, 20 kilometers west of Jakarta. The plant occupies 8 hectares of land and has an annual production capacity of 150,000 MT of steel billets. In 1994 a new rolling mill was added to the Tangerang facilities to accommodate production of plain and deformed bars with annual capacity of 250,000 MT.

In 2012 Inter World further acquired new land in Tangerang to accommodate future production growth. The company has achieved a new milestone by installing a second rolling mill that is capable of increasing the finished product capacity to 500,000 MT.

- Current Annual production capacity: 250,000 MT.
- Anticipated annual steelmaking capacity: 500,000 MT.
- An electric arc furnace.
- Continuous casting machine from Italian company Danieli